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Chip Carriers and Multi-Chip Modules

MCM — Multi-Chip Modules

Layers: 4 Material: High Tg FR4 Trace Width: 0.0015 +/-0.0003” Surface Finish: Wirebondable Electrolytic Gold and Nickel Layers: 8 Materials: Thermount/Polyimide                    (Arlon 85N) Trace Width: 0.002 +/- 0.0003” Stacked Microvias: L1 to L2 to L3; […]

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Chip Carriers

High density packaging for the most complex die Specifications Layers: 4 Trace/Space: 3/2 (75/50 µm)                          Board Features:Electrolytic Ni/Au                          Bonded Heat Spreader                          Edge Plating                          Blind Microvias Material: High Tg FR4

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