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High Speed Materials

High Speed Ethernet

Designed for high speed networking (10 Gig Ethernet Card) Specifications: IPC-6012 Class III Layers: 8 Trace/Space: Rogers 4003/FR4 Mix Board Features: Blind Vias 1-4 for Stub Length Control                               Via-In-Pad using Conductive Epoxy                               2 Level “Cavity” […]

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Calibration Network

Designed for high speed military radar Specifications Layers: 4 Material: Rogers 6002, 4350, 4403 Drilling: Blind 1-to-2; 4-to-3; 1-to-3; Buried 2-to-3 Cavity: 4-to-3 Trace Width: 10 mils Tolerance: +/- 0.0003” Surface Finish: Electrolytic Nickel and […]

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RF Interface

Designed for wireless communications Specifications Layers: 2 Material: Rogers 3003 Trace Width: 10 Tolerance: +/- 0.0003” Precision laser routed slots Finish: Electrolytic Nickel and Gold

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