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Rigid Flex

Satellite Systems

Specifications Layers: 12 Trace/Space: 6/6 (150/150 µm) Finish: Immersion Gold Material: Polyimide Rigid                  DuPont AP Flex

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Specifications Layers: 22 ‘Looseleaf’ Design Material: Polyimide Rigid                  DuPont AP Flex Certifications: IPC-6013 Class III Surface Finish: HAL

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Ordinates Control

Specifications Layers: 10 with 6 layers flex Finish: 2-Ounce Copper              Military Specification Design: Compunetics Drafting Department

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Specifications Layers: 8 ‘Looseleaf’ Design Board Features: 3 Double-Sided Flex Cores with Coverlay                               2-Ounce Copper on Flex                               Military Specification

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Silicon Testing

Specifications Layers: 14 rigid; 3 flex Material: High Speed FR4 (Isola 408)                  Dupont AP Flex material Trace Width: 0.002 +/- 0.0003”                         Controlled Impedance (64 ohms +/- 10%)                         Buried resistors (400 each of Ohmega Ply                         60 […]

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