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Single Layer & Double Sided Flex

Stiffeners, Heatsinks, Shields and Heaters

A multitude of things can be added to a “simple” single or double sided flex to enhance form, fit and function. Mechanical stiffeners bonded to one or both sides can be designed to match virtually […]

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Flying Leads

Flying leads are one of the unique benefits that can be used on single and double sided flex board designs. The circuit traces become the interconnect to the next board, no connectors required. Just unsupported […]

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Dynamic Flex

One and two layer flex boards are ideally suited for dynamic motion. From a device that requires only a few hundred cycles over its lifetime like a hinged panel that opens only for maintenance or […]

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Small, Thin and Lightweight

Working with ultra-thin substrates requires tools that are not commonly found in every PCB shop but once you have those tools at your disposal you can achieve results that are hard to match. Think of […]

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