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Company Overview

With a client list that includes some of the world’s most highly recognized and demanding users of printed circuit boards, Compunetics continues to set new standards for the industry.Our philosophy has always been one of total commiment to our customers’ needs and expectations. We are located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, on the outskirts of the city of Pittsburgh, in a state of the art 50,000 sq. ft. facility. We are a leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards for the defense, aerospace, communication, high speed computing, medical and semiconductor markets for rigid, flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards.

Compunetics offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in place where employees are the majority shareholders. We are a subsidiary of Compunetix, Inc., a leading provider of large scale multimedia multipoint teleconferencing systems both in the commercial and government markets with the largest worldwide deployment of teleconferencing systems in the industry.

Chorus Call, parent company of Compunetix is a world-class teleconferencing service provider with headquarters in Monroeville and nine satellite offices. As a pioneer of high quality conferencing, Chorus Call offers a broad spectrum of audio, video, data, and web-based conferencing services.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance department is the Customer’s advocate, a fully independent body that reports directly to the president. The QA team inspects every single Compunetics printed circuit board, and nothing is shipped without their approval. No other department at Compunetics has the power to override their strict standards of quality.

  • Maintenance, compliance and upgrade of QMS
  • Maintenance and upgrade of DLA and UL certifications
  • MRB authority
  • Final and in-process inspection
  • Internal auditing
  • Subcontractor control
  • Calibration of tools and measuring equipment


Production/Operations manages the manufacturing flow and provides the technical oversight of each process. A dedicated Engineer assigned to each process focuses on maintaining the highest quality and efficiency of operation, while being responsible for the production throughout the area. Statistical Process Controls are maintained throughout the production process under the direct responsibility of the process Engineers.

From prototyping to volume manufacturing for high reliability commercial and military applications, our Production department offers our Customers a wide range of products. Front-end Engineering, CAM, Imaging Processes, Chemical Processes, Mechanical Processes and Environmental Processes.

  • Process areas have dedicated Process Engineers who have responsibility for quality of the product and throughout in respective areas, Production personnel reporting directly to Process Engineers
  • Process control and Statistical Process Control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • New process development
  • New equipment evaluation
  • Workplace safety


Having a dedicated Engineer responsible for each project ensures premium service and the right solutions, right on time.

The Compunetics approach of project engineering, teaming one dedicated Engineer for each Customer, ensures the most effective, efficient means to achieving the ideal solution for each project. The 1:1 relationship between Customer and Engineer has proven over time to streamline the process of finding the right project solutions, while providing each Customer with the ultimate in service.

  • Independent profit center dedicated to manufacturing our most challenging projects
  • Project Engineers are assigned to specific projects, technologies or Customers
  • Project Engineer is responsible for all steps of manufacturing, timeliness of delivery and project cost, production resources are used under the Project Engineer’s direct supervision
  • Project Engineer often interfaces with the Customer during product design and development all the way through delivery

Marketing and Sales

At Compunetics, our knowledgeable sales team is known for being technically oriented, having expertise in applications engineering, and for the dedicated, one-on-one relationships they maintain. Each Customer has a specific sales representative to work with, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the Customer’s business and needs and making sure those needs are met at all times.

  • Focus on key Accounts to build and maintain long term relationships
  • Single point of contact, Sales Engineer/Account Manager assigned to each Customer
  • Technical Sales Staff able to provide front-end support leveraging our Design, Engineering and Manufacturing experience
  • Sales Engineer/Account Manager and assigned Project Engineer working closely to support Customer needs
  • Direct inside and outside Sales Team supporting our network of multi-line Sales Representative Organizations with visits and technical seminars at Customer sites