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Industrial Controls

With the constant changes, upgrades and constantly changing technology in industrial controls and testing equipment to be smaller, more compact, lighter in weight, and more durable in harsh environments, Compunetics, Inc. offers their customers the quality, reliability, and assurance needed to meet today’s industrial application requirements.

Whether the requirement is an ability to withstand repetitive motions with constant bending, a robotics requirement, inspection and measurement hand held equipment for ultrasonic flaw detection, nondestructive testing equipment, blackbox data recorders, wearable sensors for minors helmets, to even recorders for automotive crash dummies, Compunetics can design and manufacture a rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible circuit boards that can meet the requirements for quality, durability, and reliability that can withstand harsh environments while still meeting your rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible printed circuit board requirements.

Compunetics has the advantage of partnering with our parent company, Compunetix, Inc. to provide full assembly capabilities. As a fully integrated company with both an assembly and OEM division, Compunetics can offer unique advantages to our customers. Our corporate structure provides Compunetics with a first-hand understanding of an OEM’s perspective by working with our OEM engineers and technology to take a product through design, board fabrication and assembly with the assurance of receiving a reliable and quality fully assembled working product as quickly and competitively as possible.

Compunetics has a proven track record as an innovative company with advanced technology who specialize in designing and manufacturing quality well engineered printed circuit boards. We pride ourselves as a company that has USA made superior products who offers a quick lead and turnaround times that can be an excellent solution to meet your industrial device application requirements and applications.