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Military and Aerospace

As military and aerospace electronic devices are being reduced in size and weight, the demand to meet these requirements are increasing with the expectations that reliability will increase over time. From laptops tablets and radios to sensors, navigation control, robots, military jets, unmanned vehicles, drones, space vehicles, satellites, guided missiles, and electronic warfare systems, the need to use rigid, rigid-flex and flex circuit boards that 75% lighter in weight while highly durable rapidly growing. Our rigid, rigid-flex and flex circuit boards can provide resistance to strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, we, humid, dry, dusty, chemical resistant, and shock to survive in harsh environments.

Compunetics has the advantage of partnering with our parent company, Compunetix, Inc. to provide full assembly capabilities. As a fully integrated company with both an assembly and OEM division, Compunetics can offer unique advantages to our customers. Our corporate structure provides Compunetics with a first-hand understanding of an OEM’s perspective by working with our OEM engineers and technology to take a product through design, board fabrication and assembly with the assurance of receiving a reliable and quality fully assembled working product as quickly and competitively as possible.

We pride ourselves as a company that has USA made superior products who offers a quick lead and turnaround times for your aerospace and military circuit boards applications that meet the required ITAR and MIL-PRF-31032 specifications.