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3M C-Ply™ and DuPont Interra™ HK

Buried Passives

3M’s C-Ply material’s high capacitive density enables it to perform the power supply decoupling function and eliminate discrete capacitors. This capability makes it especially beneficial for high-end equipment in the telecommunications, computer, test and measurement, military and medicial industries, as well as for handheld electronics, where functionality and size constraints drive design.

Sample Cross Section

Shown is a microsection of a 20 layer Multilayer containing 3 cores of 1.0 mil DuPont Interra embedded capacitance material.

Before Embedded Capacitance

Layers: 18
Blind Vias: 1 – 2    18 – 17
Buried Vias: 2 – 17
Trace/Space: 4 Mil (100 µm)
Capacitors: 2000+

After Embedded Capacitance

Layers: 18
Blind Vias: Removed All
Material: 1 Core Embedded Capacitance Material
Capacitors: Removed 800+